Best Bucks County Family Session Locations

As a Bucks County Photographer, families often ask the best places to take photos when planning to have family portraits on location in Bucks County PA. Don’t worry! We created a list of our best locations for family and portrait sessions. Each location has its charm and brings something special, it’s only a matter of your taste.

Check out the options below:

1. Delaware Canal State Park

DE Canal state park is a smaller park, but has a lot to offer – creek/pond with a fountain, gazebo, bridge, and greenery. Across the street, there is an old clock tower which is quite picturesque as well. There is a field with beautiful sunset views, which is perfect! At the time of this post, we are not aware of any permit fees for this location.

2. Tyler Gardens

Tyler Gardens is on the premises of the Bucks County Community College. It features gorgeous stairs leading up to the garden, filled with flowers and shrubs, well-maintained landscaping, an elegant gazebo, fountain, and a historic mansion in the background. There is a photography permit in place (LINK). Currently, we have a membership that covers the entrance fee (so you don’t have to pay any). However, an advance reservation to block the date and time is still required.

3. Core Creek State Park

It’s a gorgeous park with a beautiful lake, open fields, and lots of fresh air. In warmer months we usually get a chance to get some incredible sky photos. There is a gazebo, boat docks, cute pathways, and lots of greenery. There is a photography permit to be obtained with a fee (please check the state park info for most current pricing, in 2020 it was $50).

4. Bristol Warf

Bristol Warf is another picturesque park situated on the Delaware River. It offers lots of greenery and water views, along a quaint path. As far as we know there are no photography fees associated with that spot.

5. Playwicki Farm Park

Playwicki Farm Park is a very charming location in Feasterville, PA, and would be perfect if you wish to skip the larger, possibly more crowded parks like Core Creek. Playwicki has a beautiful alley of tall pine trees, open fields, lots of greenery, and a cute rustic Farmhouse. No permit fees required

6. Tyler State Park

Tyler State Park is one of the iconic Bucks County Parks, and is a very popular location for photography. It is beautiful any time of the year, but especially in the fall. There are plenty of fields and greenery, access to the creek, and one small boat dock. A photography permit is required and must be obtained ahead of time. Contact the park’s management for current fee information and application – LINK.

7. Washington Crossing

Located in Washington Crossing village, the Historic Park on the Delaware river offers more than 500 acres of American history, natural beauty and family fun. Please contact Film in PA for a permit.

8. Peddlers Village

Full of charm, this village offers a quaint backdrop and nostalgic feel.

9. Graeme Park

Graeme Park (pronounced GRAM) is a 42-acre historic park, featuring the Keith House, nature trails, and lush woodsy areas. The mansion has remained virtually intact since the late 18th century!

We hope this guide helps you choose the perfect spot for your family and milestone portraits. Please keep in mind, it is the responsibility of the client to secure any permits ahead of time. Can’t wait to capture your memories!!

Photography: ProPhoto by MK Studio

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