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When we look at all of our memories, it is impossible to recollect any that do not include our families. There’s something wonderful about looking back on old family portraits. Family photos capture a moment in time that will be remembered for the rest of one’s life. So, while deciding what to wear for family photo shoot, make sure you prepare ahead of time. 

The most important thing to consider when selecting your outfits is that you all feel comfortable and confident. Life is already hectic, and we’re all on a time crunch, but no need to be worry! Today I’m going to share some awesome family photo outfit ideas with you.

Tips on What to Wear for Family Photo Shoot

A little preparation and planning can not only relieve any photoshoot day stress but will also make your photos shine! Here are a few family photo outfit ideas & tips I want each of my clients to know before they plan their family photo shoot session:

1. Be You, Be Comfortable

Please do not feel pressured to dress formally for your family photo session. Relaxed and informal attire, such as jeans and a nice shirt/blouse, or a flowy dress is great for in-studio and outdoor family sessions. Of course, if you love dressing up, more formal attire would be perfect for you. The most important thing is to be yourself.

2. Choose the Best Color Palette to Coordinate

Pick two to three colors as your starting point. You want to avoid being overly matchy, matchy. Consider coordinating color palettes that complement each other like earthy tones, neutral tones, or cool tones. Everyone may still reflect their own sense of fashion, but complimentary colors will hep your look come together well for your photographs.

3. Say No to multiple Distracting/Busy Patterns

Including outfits with designs or logos might be distracting. Strong prints and abstract patterns may overwhelm a photograph. Avoid anything that clashes while limiting your family’s entire outfit combination to one pattern or textural feature.

4. What’s Your location?

Consider the location of your shot. Is it in a park, a big grass field, riverfront, cityscapes or woodland? The main thing to keep in mind here is that if you will most likely have a lot of green in your photos, make sure your color scheme fits with green. Depending on the season there may be fall color tones (like orange and brown) or even wintery snow/bare trees. Be mindful of the backdrop when planning your look.

5. Choose Neutral Shades

Bright neon colors should be avoided since they can generate a color cast on the skin. Instead, choose blue-grey, white, pink tones, or light green. Richer colors, on the other hand, can have an impact depending on the location and season of the picture session: olive or forest green, indigo blue, and dark purple are all also excellent choices for your family photo shoot.

6. Accessorize to Your Heart’s Desire

This is the thing that will make your photographs sparkle with color, passion, and personality. Cardigans, hats, and scarves can be put on and taken off. Bring over your favorite family blanket or quilt if you have one. Trust me, you will love the magic it will create!

7. Think Classic!

These family photos will be cherished and hung on your walls for years to come. You can help give your photographs a timeless feel by wearing something simple or should I say “Classic”. While these are a few of my ideas about what to wear for family photo shoot, I believe what is most essential is that you and your family be true to yourself.

I don’t want to influence your outfit too much since the memories we’re collecting are yours, not mine. If you want to capture your children exactly as they are right now, it can be important for their (and your) memory that they wear their favorite t-shirt or Princess tiara.

See you during your family photo shoot!

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